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Laser Quest is a non contact event. On arrival you will have the opportunity to choose a name for yourself, maximum of 10 characters, this will be loaded on to a tag.

You must keep this tag safe as you will need it to load your pack. Once you have been issued a laser pack and gun and fitted it correctly, place the tag you have been given on to the tab on top of the gun. This pack is now registered to you.

When you enter the arena you have 30 seconds to hide before your pack becomes active. Once the game starts your pack targets sensors will illuminate and start to spin. The sensors are located on your front and rear shoulders and on your gun.

These help you to locate a target and also indicate when you have hit it. When you receive a hit your pack will vibrate and your lights will change from spinning to flashing and your laser will be de-activated for 7 seconds, after this you will be able to resume play.

You earn points for every time you hit another player, but, lose points for every time another player hits you. Each game lasts approx. 20 minutes which includes the safety briefing and installation of Laser Quest packs. You can choose the type of game you play, the most popular are Solo games, All-for-All or Team games, for a maximum number of 3 teams.

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